Saturday, 28 July 2012

post schedule and frequency

So, I started this daily in February (having been inspired by a fun experience at the London Super Comic Con), got a bit ill, couldn't face reading any more Roy Thomas issues, and stopped writing posts. I resumed in July, decided to make them weekly instead, and have now accumulated a several month backlog. This was clearly a bit silly. I'm now setting them to post daily until the end of August, then we'll see what happens. If I don't change it again, then this should means I hit Giant-Size #1 on August 25th.

(Currently just written up #97 and going to start reading #98. Not long now before I pass Alexa Reads X-Men, but I doubt I'll ever catch up with SpaceSquid's Year X. Which is totally worth a read if you enjoy people being affectionately critical about old X-Men comics, which apparently you do if you're reading this.)

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