Monday, 6 August 2012

X-Men #48: Cyclops and Marvel Girl

X-Men #48 follows up the adventures of Scott and Jean, who are based in New York now. There's a little inconsistency, as we find out that Hank and Bobby are in California, even though we saw then in New York in #47. Jean and Scott both set up secret identities, with fairly little hassle. Jean becomes a model. Scott becomes a radio journalist, and pretends to be Jean's jealous boyfriend. (As far as I can make out, they're still not actually in a relationship). I don't know why she just didn't go back to Metro College full time - but they appear to have just dropped that plot thread, just we've seen the last appearance of Zelda and Vera for some time.

They have a what would otherwise be a generic superhero story with robots trying to take over the world, saved by the small detail that they are very weird ritualistic robots. I approve of this.

We're promised that in the next issue, Beast and Iceman will fight "Metoxo, the Lava Man". This does not happen, implying that Arnold Drake abandons this new status quo for the X-Men quite suddenly. Twenty-six years later, in the Marvel Holiday Special 1994, there will be a sequel to this missing story. Comic Book Legends Revealed treats this in some detail...

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