Tuesday, 18 March 2014

X-Force #1-#4: Cable Cable Cable Eggs and Cable

X-Force launched before X-Men vol 2 but I'm doing them out of order BECAUSE.  What have we got here?  Rob Liefeld drawing whatever he likes and then Fabian Nicieza desperately trying to make it make sense.  I'm sure this could work as an arrangement, but here it's not.  It produces a generic terrorist fighty comic with bad, if exciting, art that was inexplicably popular.  It's exactly what I expected it to be.

Well, except for #4, which is a strange SIDEWAYS COMIC.  Now, there had been the odd sideways splash page in #1 and #2 so seeing that I was supposed to turn the page when immediately opening #4 was not The Most Surprising Thing In The World Ever, but then seeing it continue for the rest of the issue was actually quite exciting!

Since I haven't got anything else to say about these issues, how about some art by the amazing Hazel Robinson.  We were at the comics pub quiz a couple of weeks ago, and there were bonus points available for drawing Sandman in the style of Rob Liefeld.  And, well....

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