Tuesday, 3 March 2015

X-Factor #74-#75: Geecee Deecee

X-Factor #74-#75 continues lacklustre, which by the standards of X-titles in early 1992 is pretty good.  We've one ongoing plot to resolve: the question of Who Is The Real Madrox Anyway?  This is answered, somewhat unsatisfactorily, by the assumption that the Madrox who had had Fallen Angels happen to him was the real one.  This, though is the "wrong" Madrox, the evil one, who is in some kind of complicated conspiracy with Mr. Sinister to discredit mutant-hater or something.  Yes, for it's 75th issue, X-Factor has got as overcomplicated as it was when it began!  Possibly coming to this contextless after a year was a mistake.   ANYWAY.  Short post, I know.  There'll be another one sooner than a week, I expect.

I liked the bit where the Washington Memorial gets destroyed, though.  I wonder if I should start a list of all the buildings to have been destroyed in the Marvel universe.

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