Monday, 8 October 2012

It's........................ Uncanny X-Men #153

Uncanny X-Men #153 is an odd one. The mansion was wrecked last issue, and they're doing basic cleanup work. Kurt reports back that they're screwed, and they need lots of expensive specialists to rebuild. I guess that usually Xavier would tap Warren for this (he did seem happy to pay before), but since he's quit in a huff, not much can be done. Later we'll find out that Xavier is independently wealthy (I think this idea first originates as an excuse in letters columns before appearing in the comic proper), but for now they are screwed.

Amidst this, the increasingly prominent Kitty Pryde tells a fairy tale to Illyana (has she ever gone home after the Murderworld arc?) At first I thought she's got far too serious about her crush on Peter and has learnt Russian, but later on the page we find that the Professor just implanted Russian in all of their branes, something that explains a lot actually. Well, by "a lot", I mean, how Hank knew Russian. I'm not sure the story is entirely in good taste, depicting as it does a fictionalised version of the Phoenix, who Kitty wasn't really around for. But Scott seems to like it, anyway...

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