Friday, 26 October 2012

New Mutants #12: Back in Rio

They're back in Rio in New Mutants #12. Bobby has words with his father rather than taking his usual problem-solving approach of hitting things with fists. He's not one to remain calm, though, and goes off on one, burning all bridges. Emmanuel decides to join that Inner Circle after all.

Amara is also not remaining calm (she's come with the New Mutants to Rio, with the intent of signing up at Xavier's School - Bobby's mother remains in Nova Roma). Some unwelcome molestation on a beach leads her to run away without Dani, and things get worse after that, partly due to the heat (so, she's OK in Amazonas but finds the Rio heat unbearable? oh, whatever.) She proves unable to control her power, leading to numerous very small volcanoes throughout Rio, including one in the harbour that builds a new island.

No reported casualties, luckily, and eventually the rest of the gang are able to track her down and bring her to safety. She definitely needs to learn to control her powers.

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