Wednesday, 14 March 2012

X-Men #24: "The Plague of the Locust"

X-Men #24 dangles the prospect of a status quo change before us again, as Jean is withdrawn from the school by her parents (they did, after all, formally graduate from it as a high school over a dozen issues ago now), and send her to Metro College.

In her absence, the X-Men investigate a plague of giant locusts. This is caused by August Hopper, developer of a powerful insecticide, who wants to take credit for wiping them out. It just so happens that Jean gets told about this at Metro College, and then comes back to the mansion at the weekend to provide the needed exposition. Armed with this information, the X-Men confront and defeat Hopper, who has dressed himself up in a locust suit and is calling himself "the Locust", for unclear reasons. (I mean, like, Monsanto don't need to do that to sell pesticide, right? Or did I not get the memo?)

I was expecting Jean to have found some reason to move back to the school by the end of the issue, but that's not yet happened. Maybe she's really off to college? And how long before the others follow?

Continuity notes

Jean leaves the school to go to Metro College, returns for X-Men stuff at the weekend. Introduction of the Locust.

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