Tuesday, 20 March 2012

X-Men #30: Admittedly, he does claim to be a mutant, but eh

X-Men #30 is a fill-in issue with pencils by Jack Sparling. I know this because it admits it on page 1.

Sadly, this means that it is another generic superhero story masquerading as X-Men material. Even in the worst of issues of the Stan Lee run - and I will give the series a break for the first few issues, as it was still trying to figure out how it works - there was usually still some relevancy towards the basic premise - they are defeating an evil mutant, or trying to recruit a mutant - and even if that wasn't the case they were dealing with an antagonist from Professor X's past. This is yet another instance of the X-Men acting as just another super-team, and without even the team dynamics that provided some interest in previous examples. I'm not even going to bother to explain the plot, because I just don't care.

But, it's a fill-in issue, probably written under some haste. So, let's not hold it against the run, and cross our fingers for #31.

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