Saturday, 17 March 2012

X-Men #28: "What do you mean... 'guys'? I'm in on this, too!"

X-Men #28 has Mimic having been accepted as a full member of the X-Men despite the dubious nature of his admission, and undergoing trials, the Professor being glad for any help they can get. Mimic really upsets the comfortable team dynamic, and particularly rubs up against Scott. Although it looked like the Jean/Scott situation would see some sort of advancement, it hasn't, and instead Jean is developing a closer friendship with a fellow student, Ted Roberts, of who more later...

It's a little disturbing that Xavier refers to the mutant on Cerebro as a "mutant menace" - as if he is starting to believe the anti-mutant press himself. He's referring to Banshee, a Gaelic mutant capable of various sonic feats, including flight, who has been terrorising Manhattan. The X-Men trace him down and prepare an ambush, which they pull off, and it is eventually revealed that he is under the domination of the Ogre, part of the mysterious Factor Three. We have here our first properly friendly new mutant since Wanda and Pietro! Demonstrating that good mutants every do exist every so often is important - it undermines the premise if every new one we meet turns out to be evil.

Continuity notes

First appearance of Banshee and Ogre. A student (Mimic) calls Xavier "Charlie" for the first time.

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