Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Uncanny X-Men #181: Young Dragons

Uncanny X-Men #181 spoils the ending of Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars. The X-Men survive it, and are transported by means of giant dragon to Japan.

Our normal X-Men are here: Professor X, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Wolverine. And a little dragon: Lockheed. Having dealt with a bunch of X-Men fans, they realise it's been over a week since they were last present, and worry about Kitty. Rogue is sent off as a scout to see if there's any trouble there, while the remaining team stay to deal with the dragon.

They forgot that it's Japan. I quote:

        Spotters report a giant dragon, sir, heading
        for Tokyo!

         It can't be, this is the off-season!

Also, all monsters in Monster Island are accounted for. After a good deal of property damage and some superheroics, and a good old-fashioned team-up with Sunfire, the dragon vanishes, everything is taken care of, and the X-Men can return home. There's a bit of a love story in this between Lockheed and the other dragon, and Professor X suspects that Lockheed is actually intelligent. The whimsical tone matches ill with the unusual explicit civilian death, and Wolverine being left with a young ward, Amiko, to care for.

Meanwhile, Cyclops is returned to Earth too, by being dropped from the sky over Tahiti, which is at least where Madelyne is. And in Washington, Senator Robert Kelly prepares the "Mutant Affairs Control Act", which I'm guessing isn't meant to put a stop to Scott/Emma or Emma/Namor.

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  1. Yeah, I thought the death of Amiko's mother was a horrible tonal clash with all the dragon antics and "Gods, it's every week with this" Japanese complaining. I'm not sure Claremont would be able to pull off "Logan agrees to adopt a young girl" under any circumstances, but it was particularly difficult to take here.