Friday, 30 November 2012

Uncanny X-Men #201: Baby X

Uncanny X-Men #201 features a long-brewing fight, that will decide the future of the X-Men. Yes, that's right, Scott and Madelyne are finally going to have it out.

They had a very quick romance (they met in #168 and were married in #173!), and I've never been entirely convinced by Scott's part in this, as I've been pointing out along the way. Not so long ago he was seriously considering going to space with the Starjammers, leaving her on Earth. In this issue, Scott (and the rest of the X-Men) arrive back at the mansion following the trips to Asgard and Paris, to find that Madelyne has given birth. On her own, at Westchester. (I dunno if that works - surely Sharon and Tom were there? Perhaps they've gone back to Muir Island). Madelyne complains that Scott never phoned her from Paris, even though other X-Men did. Little does she know that the man has an almost pathological aversion to telephones, even worse than mine.

There is also the small issue of leadership, which is even more crucial now that Magneto has effectively usurped control of the New Mutants. Storm was made leader by Xavier when Cyclops left. After she lost her powers and went to Africa, Xavier made Nightcrawler field leader. Cyclops now wants back in (despite his wife's position on the matter), and Storm has got back from Africa and reckons she can do it. Neither of these candidates are ideal, but there's no obvious third option: Nightcrawler has no interest in the role - he thinks he didn't go a great job. Wolverine - who we will remember was tapped by Hudson to head up Alpha Flight - still sees himself as a follower. Wolverine reckoned Kitty would be a good leader in the future, but she's still only 15 (we think). Colossus, nope. Banshee is retired. Phoenix is dead. Rogue, even if she were up to it, would be too divisive.

This is the first team they've had a leadership dispute, and rather than having elections, or something, they have a duel. Well, that's how they settle things in the Morlocks, anyway. Admittedly here, the rules aren't "to the death". This is quite short, at 5 pages. Storm wins. Scott goes home with Maddy (assuming she'll take him). And so a new chapter is about to begin, which will last for all of a month.

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