Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Uncanny X-Men #194: Nimrod vs Juggernaut

Uncanny X-Men #194 features the X-Men in one of those days where they probably just should have stayed in bed. The news is reporting the re-appearance of Juggernaut in New York City, and our team of mutants grudgingly realise they should probably do something about that.

Last time they met him in the pages of Uncanny, he was keeping to himself and the X-Men made a fight happen that wouldn't have any way. So this time they take the smart approach of not going in all powers flaring, and instead just sending Kitty and Rachel to spy on him. (Xavier might have been helpful, but he's off in Scotland dealing with Legion).

Nimrod has no such compunction. (Nimrod, by the way, is a sentinel from Rachel's future that's been dragged to the present by her timestorm. It rescued a guy in #190 and has become his lodger. The Terminator came out in 1984, by the way.) Nimrod attacks Juggernaut, and the X-Men, and there is an unfortunate battle in which it seems the X-Men and the Juggernaut are on the same side - an impression only emphasises by their decision to let him escape, under truce, at the end. They probably wouldn't have done that if they'd seen the cameras, but too late. After #193 they were wanted fugitives, and this does them no favours at all. By the end of the issue, even the Russians have found out about Nimrod (I don't know how his name got out - did Nimrod start giving press conferences or something?)

Maybe just going into hiding wouldn't be such a bad idea...

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