Tuesday, 11 September 2012

X-Men #110: "The 'X'-Sanction"

X-Men #110 has some punching, I think. There's some guy called Warhawk who comes and sabotages the holodeckdanger room. It's hinted that he was sent by some powerful forces, but the gang seem strangely fatalistic about trying to track down who sent him. It's a fill-in issue (by Tony DeZuniga, with Dave Cockrum), but you wouldn't really know, other than it being a little lightweight.

We get a tiny bit of inner life of Jean, in that she's scared of herself as Phoenix, but daren't tell anyone. We find out that Misty Knight has been calling her her "Kosmic Roomie", which is a codename I think is way better than Phoenix or Marvel Girl and she should adopt when she comes back in the 616. At the end, she signs back up with the X-Men full-time again, although in truth this is merely regularising the fact that she had never really left like the others in #94.

The most important part of this issue, however, is the baseball game, which was first suggested in #64 and now we finally get, eight years later. This will go on to be a regular downtime activity for our mutants.

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