Friday, 28 September 2012

X-Men #139-#140: "Welcome to the X-Men, Kitty Pryde"

X-Men #139 has Wolverine go north to Canada to try and resolve matters peacefully with the Hudsons and Alpha Flight. He takes Nightcrawler with him. They get into, with half of Flight, a fight with a Wendigo, win, and then hands are shook and Wolverine goes away a free man (and with Nightcrawler now knowing he's called "Logan"). Now why couldn't everyone have done that in the first place?

Back in New York, Kitty is given a codename: "Ariel" and becomes the first member of the X-Men to successfully challenge this, going with "Sprite" instead. She starts taking dance lessons with Stevie Hunter in Salem Center, which provokes strange feelings of jealousy in Storm. And Angel has rejoined the team permanently (after his guest turn in the Dark Phoenix saga), despite his concerns about Wolverine.

There's not much going on here, and I think it suffers from being sandwiched between two iconic stories. It's good that we've cleared up that looming threat of Alpha Flight, at least, and Kitty is sensibly kept out of combat - she is only 13½, after all, younger than even Bobby was to begin with.

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