Tuesday, 25 September 2012

X-Men #138: Previously, on X-Men

X-Men #138 is basically a "Saga of the X-Men" issue, as we see Jean's funeral, and Scott remembers a whole bunch of stuff that happened in the past, concentrating particularly on him and Jean. I didn't do a full check to see whether he could have known everything recounted. He calls Magneto's asteroid "Asteroid M", which I can't see how he'd have known, but doesn't know (or believe) that the Magneto in #49-#52 was a robot. (Mind, I'm not sure how Magneto knew that the Magneto in #49-#52 was a robot, so whatever.)

Two significant additions are made: the start of Scott and Jean's relationship is dated to about #31/#32 (which doesn't entirely line up with the actual comics, but is close enough for government work), and we get some backstory about his youth. Alex had been adopted while Scott was in a coma, and Scott tracked him down later, with Xavier's help. Does this mean that Alex "Summers" was not in fact the name was brought up with, I wonder? We've had a bunch of hints as to Scott's and Alex's orphaning, and now it looks like Claremont has figured it all out but is taking his time revealing it.

After the funeral, Scott decides he's quitting the X-Men, which Xavier understands. Meanwhile, at the mansion arrives a Kitty Pryde, ready to join the X-Men.

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