Saturday, 15 September 2012

X-Men #115-#117: Return of the Shadow

X-Men #115 is another landmark issue, introducing as it does the concept of Cyclops' moustache.

Cyclops reckons he looks a bit like Corsair, which triggers a one-panel hint at his origin (him and Alex were pushed out of a plane carrying his father, Corsair and mother, Kate, we don't know why yet).

Both sets of X-Men (Jean and Hank, who are back at the mansion with Xavier and Lilandra) and the others, who are recuperating in the Savage Land (back in Antarctica, after it's brief trip to Tierra del Fuego in the late 1960s), think the rest of the X-Men are dead and are mourning. You couldn't do this today, as surely Ka-Zar would have a satellite phone. Well, Scott isn't able to mourn for Jean. He, rather prophetically says that "after the shuttle flight [...] she wasn't the girl I'd loved anymore", which Storm is quite harsh on. Wolverine is properly mourning for her, though, his first love, we are told! And in #117 we get the first claim that he can "heal real fast".

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