Thursday, 24 January 2013

Classic X-Men #15: The Secret Life of Chris Summers

Classic X-Men #15 reprints #108, with a backup story about the Starjammers. #108 wasn't their first appearance, but it revealed to us that Corsair was Scott's dad.

Here we find out about the origins of the Starjammers, which started as a slave rebellion. Corsair is motivated into action by Hepzibah, which makes sense, and he volunteers to be a pilot, in the *Starjammers transition from a planet-bound slave revolt to space pirates. We also learn that "Corsair" was Major Summers's callsign back on Earth. Which makes him really stupid - going by the callsign that his son knows and then expecting the detail of his identity to remain secret. Sure, we can make up an explanation that Cyclops didn't know because of the braindamage, but that doesn't explain why Corsair thought it was plausible.

Not the best backup in Classic X-Men, but serviceable enough.

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