Saturday, 19 January 2013

Uncanny X-Men #220: forger

Having brought Havok onto the cast last issue, Uncanny X-Men #220 is instead a Storm solo story, with guest appearances by Wolverine, a holographic Forge, and Naze. Well, I suppose this is because the main "team story", as it were, is currently taking place in Fantastic Four vs the X-Men.

Storm is after her powers back. Her only lead is Forge: she visits his apartment, only to find it abandoned and playing back memories of the first Lifedeath. Yay for the handy plot reminder. It's all a trap set by Naze, though, who also is looking for Forge. Together, the two of them decide to go looking elsewhere...

The story continues into the next issue BUT something else comes up in #221 which I want to dedicate priority to AND this seemed important enough not just make it a "and meanwhile" part. What can it be...?

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