Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Uncanny X-Men #224: Welcome to the X-Men, Madelyne Pryor

Uncanny X-Men #224 is the calm before the storm. Well, I say calm. And actually come to think of it, it's got a lot of Storm in it.

Let's try that again.

Uncanny X-Men #224 is the final issue before the Fall of the Mutants. The main body of the X-Men are still in San Francisco, on Alcatraz, doing local superheroing where needed. Freedom Force is officially unveiled to the population in a press conference. Destiny believes that the X-Men are shortly to go to Dallas to die: Mystique warns Rogue of this. They decide to go anyway, to confront their destiny. All of them: including Maddy, even though she's not a mutant. Still no mention of finding Scott or their child, though. And it's hardly as if Scott should be difficult to find right now: Xavier recognised him off an X-Factor ad that the Mutants had watched.

Meanwhile, Storm is still going after Forge, on Naze's information. Naze claims that Forge wishes to unleash a bad'un called the Adversary and destroy the world. Turns out that's a lie; Forge is trying to save the world, which makes a lot more sense. Naze just wanted to get them in the same place for more convenient prevention of this.

Doom. Doom! Doom!!!

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