Monday, 28 January 2013

X-Factor #20: Snow Fun

It's a good thing Rictor has joined the cast X-Factor because he is in an ideal position to point out how stupid it all is. (Boom-Boom is still appearing in Fallen Angels and in any case does not quite have the analytical thinking skills). #20 deals with the aftermath of the fight in Central Park between X-Factor and the Three Horsemen of Apocalypse. As the tellybox puts it: "when mutants fight mutants... all humanity is the loser".

The specific complaint in this instance is the vast amount of snow and ice in Central Park, which for whatever reason will not melt naturally. While the main team are taking care of Bobby, the kids decide to warm things up outside. Eventually they manage it: a a combination of Rictor to shake the snow down from the trees, Skids to protect Rictor, and Rusty to warm it up once its own the ground without setting fire to the trees. They leave a message asking for mutants to be judgement not by the colour of their tentacles, but the by their deeds. Well done, those mutants. Certainly scoring a few PR points there. Ah, PR. Cameron Hodge has scarpered, unsurprisingly...

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