Saturday, 5 January 2013

X-Factor #15: Clipped Wings

X-Factor #15 is the one where Warren appears to commit suicide (see below). Unless you are a particularly inattentive reader you wouldn't buy for a second this would be permanent, but nevertheless it is a clear message that things have changed, that things can change. Something that the series has been doing repeatedly since Simonson came on board, but never clearer now.

But that's not the main point of the issue, not really. Instead, it's about our Scott again. He's in Anchorage, identifying his wife's body, and making wild presumptions that his son (who still hasn't got a name, so we're just gonna keep calling him Baby X) is dead too. He calls home! He ended up with one dead body in Alaska because someone he was close to needed him and he wasn't there. Does he want to make it a second? He races back. Too late. Warren's dead. Scott, you suck.

Businessman, superhero, mutant and socialiate.

Warren Worthington III, who has died at the age of 25, was born into wealth as son of Warren Worthington II, the CEO and majority-owner of Worthington Industries. But it was as the superhero and member of the X-Men the "Avenging Angel" (later "The Angel") that he became known to the public. Worthington was one of the first mutants to "come out", while attending UCLA, where he joined the superhero team The Champions. Worthington's parents died relatively young, and perhaps exemplifying the principle that wealth does not survive the third generation, he had little interest in management of his companies; instead being content to flit as his attention was attracted, while leaving most of the day-to-day supervision to his fiancee Candice Southern.

Worthington recently was embroiled in controversy when non-family shareholders in Worthington Industries discovered that he had been financing the mutant troubleshooting agency X-Factor with company money, and was facing possible criminal charges of fraud. According to Worthington's close friend and co-worker at X-Factor, Cameron Hodge, this, combined with the amputation of his wings after severe injuries, may have pushed him over the edge, although according to the local authorities no note has been found and mechanical error has not yet been ruled out.

Warren Worthington III was 25 and has no surviving relatives.

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