Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Classic X-Men #20/#23: Peter and Kurt Go Large

I never did really believe that the X-Men spent 6 weeks on a boat without incident. Their lives simply don't work like that. Classic X-Men #23's backup story proves me right, providing a solo adventure for Nightcrawler and a member of crew on the boat, Eiko Shimura.

Eiko goes overboard for some reason, and Nightcrawler 'ports out to rescue her. This doesn't work out very well, and they awake on a deserted island, where Nightcrawler can rescue her again (this time from a cult intent on sacrificing them, but it's all OK and compatible with the agenda of the story, because they're not human in some indefinable way, so that's all right then. We end with them on the island, with Eiko wishing she could find some way to repay Nightcrawler. He can think of a way, he says. Again, sigh. At least I suppose the subsequent search (not depicted) explains why the X-Men would tolerate spending so much time at sea?

Classic X-Men #230 does a similar thing, where Colossus saves two young women - Fahe and Nereel, and then apparently has a threesome with them. And that's a confirmed one for the chart, and Young Peter will show up in Uncanny X-Men Annual #11.

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