Sunday, 10 February 2013

New Mutants #63: 1 x magik story, past use-by date

New Mutants #63 is a clear case of an inventory story, if ever I saw one. Even if it weren't for the split credit (plot: Claremont, script: Simonson), or the fact that it wasn't dealing with the aftermaths of Doug's death yet, then the unusual structure would give it away. The entire issue is a dream sequence, in which Illyana recalls events that took place around the time of New Mutants #21, which in turn involves time travel to before she became Magik.

Simonson has done what she can to contemporise the story: the outer narration sets it after Illyana heard about her brother's death on the television. But it ends up a mess. Nothing happens that matters and we don't have any new insights into Magik. But then, an inventory issue in these circumstances was never going to do that. Let's just be happy that it was scripted by Simonson with about as much deftness as was possible, and move on...


  1. Is this the issue that rather clumsily flashes back to Illyana having a dream?

    So it's basically not enough to just have Illyana flash back to her previously-unseen sidequest during issue #21, but that she has to flashback to the time she dreamt about that sidequest, or some such thing.