Friday, 22 February 2013

Excalibur #3: Excalibur 1 - 0 Jugger

Excalibur #3 is a single-issue story with Claremont's by now standard formula of a superheroic plot to give us our action, along with about as much emphasis placed on Internal Team Drama. Action plot. Someone breaks info HMP Crossmoor (fictional, by the way), and breaks out the Juggernaut, who had been languishing there since the events of Uncanny #218. There is a brief fight. Excalibur win, because Phoenix.

Excalibur are getting ready to move into the Braddock Lighthouse, which means he and Meggan are having to compact all their stuff. Meggan didn't tell Brian before making the invite, which is a bit difficult on him. The next morning he's forced to deal with a teenage kid hogging the bathroom and the bunch of them moralising about his alcohol consumption (the guy's sister just died, and now her ex-teammates all just moved in with him, give the man a little space already). Ray destroys his whisky collection; which I'm sorry but pretty clearly puts her in Dark Phoenix territory in my book (see footnote in my bio to the side). He storms off and meets up with his ex, Courtney Ross, but gets called away before anything steamy happens. He and Meggan reconcile for now.

This is a fairly bland issue. The action is pro forma, and the character development is mostly just a recapitulation of the existing position of these characters, with added moving-in fun. Needs more artifice.


No major howlers! I would quite like to know where the lighthouse is, though. It says it is on the "west coast of Britain", which as a location is infuriatingly vague, 'cos of the way the country is oriented and the sheer crinkliness of that part of it. It could be anywhere from a few miles from the presumed location of Muir Isle down to to Lizard Point in the southern reaches of Cornwall, which form several different cultural areas (the Highlands of Scotland; the Central Belt; the Borders; Cumbria and northern Lancashire; industrial Lancashire and Merseyside; north Wales; west Wales; south Wales; the West Country; and Cornwall...) And I don't feel like I can connect to it without knowing where it is in a cultural sense, even if I don't know the geographic location. What type of people are its neighbours, is the question?

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