Monday, 11 February 2013

Uncanny X-Men #230: Insert Australian Joke Here

Uncanny X-Men #230 shows us our new status quo for the X-Men: they are based in a deserted town in the Australian outback. They are still mopping up from the events of #229, and have the problem of what to do with the Reavers' loot.

By an amazing piece of luck, they are able to track down msot of the owners of the stuff, with Longshot's psychometric powers; and then deliver it all back to its rightful owners using Gateway's teleporting abilities. All in one night: December 24th (setting this at basically the same time as X-Factor #27).

There's still a great big treasure pile left for items which were unrecoverable; which presumably they'll fence and use to fund their efforts. Otherwise they're managing to settle in OK at the new base. Storm is providing water for the moment (oh, yes, she got repowered. I probably should have mentioned that. So that lasted four years, what must have seemed like an eternity), but there's no clear indication of what they're doing for food.

And then there's Gateway, who is sitting on the top of a peak, not consuming any sustenance, and not uttering a word. He's basically acting like the Aboriginal version of a Magical Negro. Again, we'll have to wait to see what happens with him.

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  1. but there's no clear indication of what they're doing for food.

    Gateway has Dominoes on his bullroarer's speed dial?