Monday, 4 February 2013

Uncanny X-Men: #228: Inconvenient Fill-In Blues

There's never a great time for a fill-in issue. Remember that one in the middle of the first Phoenix saga? Uncanny X-Men #228 picks, however, the worst possible time: the series is between status quos. The Fall of the Mutants has happened and the X-Men are believed dead, but they have yet to set up their new base (to come in #229).

What's an editor to do? Well, dig out an inventory issue, apparently. A Dazzler-centric one, with the device being a letter written to O.Z. Chase, a member of the supporting cast in late-period Dazzler. I have nothing so say about it, other than that it is fairly bad, and makes me glad I didn't add the Dazzler solo to my list of things to read. I suspect if I'd have read this in 1988, I'd have wanted my 75¢ back.

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  1. Yeah. This is quite possibly my least favorite issue of the series. Certainly my least favorite Claremont-penned issued.