Friday, 15 February 2013

X-Factor #29-#31: Codename Infectia. Seems Legit

X-Factor #29-#31 introduces another new villain: Infectia. She can kiss people and turn them into short-lived slaves. She wants to get close to X-Factor, apparently to steal that Ship or something, and has a particular obsession with Bobby. Hank is suspicious, but in his dumbed-out state can't quite put his finger on it. There is a hilarious sequence in #31 where X-Factor's wards interrupt them as they are about to kiss, several times. Has X-Men actually had a femme fatale before? I can't think of one. Infectia isn't the deepest villain ever, but we need a bit of light in between all this grimdark, and she's, if nothing else, fun.

Meanwhile, Scott and Jean have gone to Dallas to ask questions of Freedom Force regarding Madelyne, Alex, and Baby X. This is rather fruitless: they don't know anything. They just tried to arrest them. Destiny isn't much use, either, but then again she never is: and the couple are with nothing to show for their excursion. Next stop: Omaha, apparently.

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  1. Has X-Men actually had a femme fatale before?

    Does Mystique count? Or Emma Frost? That's about the best I can come up with at this stage of things.