Monday, 18 March 2013

New Mutants #77-#78: Strange

New Mutants #77 finally gets round to sorting out the Illyana problem. They never did address, on-panel, anyway, the issue of Illyana's family and her premature Limbo-caused ageing, so she can be dropped off in Siberia quite easily without any awkward conversations (other than the "oh, here's your daughter back after a year and change, oh and you son is dead or in hiding or whatever")

That's the first three pages, anyway. So, back to New York. Dani has been getting these headaches. I quite sympathise. Ship recommends she goes to a doctor, which is quite good advice. Doctor Strange. He's spending the year dead for tax reasons, or something, but he still manages to help out in a multi-page mystical battle. Which is nice.

#78 then deals with another member of the New Mutants who really oughtn't be there: Rusty, who had surrendered himself to the Authorities at the start of X-Terminators. Freedom Force have come to arrest him (despite his pardon - Destiny says it's important and when Destiny actually makes a specific prediction that you can act it you should probably listen). There is a general fight and the New Mutants win/escape. And then suddenly they end up in Asgard, for reasons to do with Dani and Hela and Strange. Next up in New Mutants will be an excessively long Asgard story.

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