Saturday, 23 March 2013

X-Factor #43-#50: Judgment War

X-Factor #43-#50 is a quite long plot arc that takes place away from Earth-616. For some reason all the team books apart from Uncanny did that in summer 1989: Excalibur has started its Cross-Time Caper, and the New Mutants are in Asgard. I assume they just want to keep the other teams off-planet to make the plottings of Uncanny X-Men work.

X-Factor accomplishes this quite directly, by having the Ship take off into space, where they meet Celestials ("space gods") and get involved in all sorts of hijinks, before returning home in time for Acts of Vengeance. I have barely anything to say about it, so short post. Scott is still keeping little baby Christopher with him at all times, at least until Jean makes a telekinetic bubble for him to live in. I suppose he's overcorrecting. Really they ought to sort out a nanny, but Steve Ditko's finest creation has yet to come.

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  1. Interesting point about all the X-books moving their characters off planet at this time. I never really made that connection before.

    I've always really liked this story, for the way it blends the superhero stuff with space opera while leaving out stuff like the Shi'ar and Brood. Weezie manages to create an entirely new civilization, with all kinds of different social strata, out of whole cloth. Also, the Paul Smith art, which isn't quite as good as his original run, but still nice to look at.

    But otherwise, yeah, there's not a whole lot to say about this. It's pretty self-contained and straightforward. As much as I enjoy the story, I'm not looking forward to having to come up with something to say about each individual issue.