Monday, 25 March 2013


Apologies for the missing post today. This caught me by surprise just now when I checked to see what ran today. I have plenty still in the queue; it's just I'd apparently forgotten that March had a 25th day. We resume tomorrow with a post about Uncanny.

Meanwhile, I might as well post an update. I had a fun weekend engaging in some other fannish and geeky behaviours: I went to Big Finish Day 3 in Barking on Saturday and on Sunday we played our sixth, seventh and eighth games of Risk Legacy, the last of which involved opening the two big boxes. I wrote about the fifth game in a carefully spoiler-free way here, but I think it probably impossible to talk about what happened yesterday like that. And while I don't usually care about exposure to spoilers, Risk Legacy is different - I've been studiously avoiding them, because I've assumed knowing would change my strategy during the game. Maybe when we're done...

I am up in Bradford this coming weekend for Eight Squared Con, the 64th EasterCon. I am making my programme d├ębut, on the What's On Webcomics panel. It would be bad if I chose Pokey the Penguin as my favourite, wouldn't it?

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