Sunday, 3 March 2013

Uncanny X-Men #239-242/X-Factor #36-#39: Inferno

I am, for a change, lost for words. Here are some other people's, instead:
So you've gone for the obvious. Turn Maddie into a synthetic villain to get Scott off the hook and back with Jean. Shame on you!
Morag G. Kerr (letter, Uncanny #248, 1989)
CYCLOPS: So we just defeated her like any other supervillain, and she committed suicide. Things sorted themselves right out after that!
Doctor Disaster (tumblr, 2012)

(I like looking up the names of people whose letters I quote. I believe this is the same Morag G. Kerr who is a veterinarian, and was at the time Chief Scientist at VetLab Services. If you are reading this, Morag, hello. You were the first to call it. And you were right.)

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  1. I agree that turning Maddie outright evil was the easy way out, and I especially miss her characterization from when she was palling around with the X-Men, before all the "turning evil" stuff started, but something had to be done to fix the mess Cyclops' character was in following the beginning of X-Factor. It just would have been nice if Claremont and Simonson had come up with a way to do so that didn't also destroy Maddie in the most icky way possible.

    It's really amazing how much damage Layton managed to do in all of five issues of a series...

    The rest of "Inferno" I kind of enjoy. It gets a little goofy at times (what with the evil mailboxes and such) and Claremont goes a little nuts with his mind control/domination tropes, but the X-Terminators/New Mutants stuff is fun, and a decent end to Illyana's ongoing arc. And, as you said, this was really the first overt crossover between the titles, and that's fun to finally see.