Saturday, 9 March 2013

Uncanny X-Men #245: Conquest

Uncanny X-Men #245 makes little sense outside of its context: it is an outright parody of DC's Invasion! event. There, as here, an alliance of aliens invade Earth via a beachhead in Australia. But here, nobody cares. The Daily Planet declines to run the story, focusing instead on the Bush/Quayle inauguration.

Both stories feature a device pronounced /dʒiːn bɒm/ - in Invasion! this is a bomb which will alter the genetic structure of many humans - in effect making them mutants. In #245, this is a bomb which will destroy relationships. Yes, the aliens have done their own Grey clone.

Somehow Wolverine playing poker is vital to the resolution of the plot. I don't know. Comics, man. This is silly as anything in Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius, and one of Claremont's few attempts at comedy outside of Annuals and Excalibur. And although patchy it works better than those. He does this better when he is parodying something specific?

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