Friday, 21 December 2012

New Mutants #44: Legion

I'd put off writing about New Mutants #44 for a while, because I didn't find Legion very interesting to write about. I was wrong, and X-Men: Legacy #1 has put me firmly in my place. Still, not much to say about him here.

Legion's telekinetic personality, Jack Wayne, is let loose by Haller when a poorly secured piece of Kirby Tech nearly kills Moira. Rahne is there to witness this. In Westchester, Mirage feels this happen, and then furiously tries to phone Muir Island. I love her narration during this.

Scotland -- phone -- hurts -- I'm burning -- I'm not -- flames -- don't exist -- what's the number -- remember the stupid dialling codes -- this can't be happening -- so much fear -- her emotions, sensations, shared over the psychic rapport that links our minds when she's in her wolf form -- oh Rahne Rahne -- I won't let death claim you, I won't. Answer the phone, girl, c'mon.

This would be a nice stream of consciousness piece if it weren't for the clunky stock exposition embedded within it. Oh, Claremont, how I love you.1 The New Mutants teleport over, track Legion to Ullapool, and engage in a fairly unengaging battle with him. We're missing either of the redeeming things I can find in Legion: the mindscapes or the relationship with his father (Xavier being in space recently). What works a bit better is Rahne's inter-fight encounter with her father figure, Reverend Craig, but that is all too brief.

This comic has the strangest use of Magma's powers yet, as she uses them to prevent an oil tank catching fire.

1. no hetero.


  1. Legacy #1 was good, then? I flipped through the first issue and was unimpressed, deciding to wait for the trade on it, but I've heard some good things about it.

    1. Well, I liked it. I understand it has been the subject of some savage reviews, though. (And some really positive ones. So, a marmite comic.)