Thursday, 13 December 2012

X-Factor #4: F is for Frenzy

X-Factor #4 opens with the original X-Men - calling each other their popularly known codenames - beating up Tower at LaGuardia Airport (I'm assuming that in addition to divvying up the mutants, they've also split New York. Claremont gets JFK, Layton is stuck with LGA), in a supposed attempt to intimidate him into not associating with X-Factor. And they think this is going to improve the reputation of mutants? Senator Thompson points out to their PR guy, Cameron Hodge, that it might backfire. I can see how.

Tower escapes them, but Frenzy (for it is she) has been sent to keep an eye on him and then try to "rescue" Rusty Collins, for her mysterious employers. This proves unnecessary, when Collins simply runs away from X-Factor HQ. This is the first time any of these guys have been teachers - and they're rubbish at it, especially Cyclops, who is demonstrating his famed leadership ability. They'd be better off sending them to the school, perhaps, except that Magneto is also a rubbish teacher, and they think he's evil. When are they going to make contact, anyway? I get the feeling Scott is only not suggesting it as otherwise he'd have to explain to them the Jean/Madelyne situation. Yet another element in my "Cyclops hates telephones" theory, too. Come to think of it, does Jean even know they have children there at Westchester now? If so, why hasn't she suggested a rescue mission?

Anyway, #4's mission is X-Factor being sent to Ferreden School, to deal with a suspected mutant. Only it's someone pretending to be a mutant. Which is an interesting enough idea, but one given nowhere near enough time. Bendis did this better in Alias (#11-#14, if you're interested.)

They arrive back just in time to change into X-Men costumes and fight Frenzy for possession of Collins. They reckon she's an evil mutant, even though she's trying to liberate a mutant from what she thinks is an evil anti-mutant organisation? Sigh. I mean, what are they planning on doing when the X-Men proper turn up? Anyway, they take him back, and he agrees, saying he's too confused to say no. I can't say I blame him. The guys apologise to him for treating him rubbishly, and he makes up with Artie, after having called him a freak and worse earlier.

Man, I hate to say it so bluntly, but this book is just stupid. I hope it gets better soon.


  1. When are they going to make contact, anyway?

    Not for a ridiculously long time. Long enough to make you think EVERYONE hates telephones, not just Cyclops.

    I hope it gets better soon.

    It does.

    1. I was just reading part of Fallen Angels today. Technically, this is the first contact between the sides, although I don't imagine it will do anything with this.