Saturday, 8 December 2012

Uncanny X-Men #204: The Dark Nightcrawler Returns

Uncanny X-Men #204 is a break in format, again, in an issue drawn by June Brigman. What, it asks, happened to Nightcrawler? (He wasn't in #203, nor the resolution of Secret Wars II).

This business with the Beyonder has really tested his faith, and in frustration, he drives off Amanda. While moping, he discovers a truck used by Arcade.

Oh. This is going to be another short post, then. Sorry. Tomorrow's is longer, I promise!

It's only 1986 and Kurt is complaining about the increasing grittiness and darkness of comics, these days, they used to be much better and lighthearted back when he was a kid you know. It's a wonder he doesn't go on about how things seem to take much longer now. Little does he know: The Dark Knight Returns hasn't finished, and Watchmen won't even start until September. Oddly, the woman he rescues from Arcade (Judith Rassendyll, the new Queen of Ruritania, or something) makes a point right out of DKR at him: if Arcade didn't exist he'd have to invent him. Kurt doesn't have an answer. There can't be an answer.

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