Saturday, 29 December 2012

Uncanny X-Men #214: Malice Aforethought

Uncanny X-Men #214 starts soon after #213. Cerebro was trashed, Psylocke has joined the X-Men but is still dealing with the fight with Sabretooth. It's to her credit that she merely survived. What's next? Apparently, a trip to Dallas to warn Dazzler about the Marauders - for Psylocke, Rogue, Storm and Wolverine, anyway. Dazzler is there as part of Lila's tour, but it misses a trick and treats Lila more as a generic singer; the interaction with them and Lila is bereft of anything real. Have they told Lila about the Massacre, and what happened to the New Mutants? (Are they back yet?)

Again, the X-Men find themselves incapable of using telephones. It's contagious? It works out well, though, as Alison has been possessed by a strange entity called "Malice", which is associated with the Marauders somehow. It's able to flip between hosts, but makes a mistake when it tries to get Storm: who is developing power self-control, now that she is recovering from her fall. In the end, the real reason for the visit becomes apparent: it's a recruitment drive. Dazzler accepts the offer of membership in the X-Men, and she's off to Westchester with the rest of them.

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