Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Uncanny X-Men 202: brb killing beyonder

Uncanny X-Men #202 starts with a message from Rachel: she's gone to kill the Beyonder. Fair enough. I'm sick of him too, as you might have been able to guess.

She finds him in San Francisco. She can't kill him, of course, because it's not yet time for that to happen: but the way that happens is more interesting than I was expecting. She's given the power to kill him, sure, but wouldn't sure rather use the time saving her fellow X-Men from the giant mutant-killing robots that have been brought through time from the distant future year of 2013?

Yes. Yes, she would.

There's a lot of property damage to deal with, and the X-Men decide to stay for a while to clean up the mess - starting their long association with that city (well, after a flying visit in #49).

This is Magneto's first official mission with the X-Men now that Xavier has gone. He is able to operate Cerebro to try and find Rachel - but it's not working too well because of him earlier messing around with the Earth's magnetic field. (I suppose that's how there got to be so many mutants without the X-Men noticing?)

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