Sunday, 30 December 2012

X-Factor #13: I'll Ask Her

The checklist says that in X-Factor #13 that Scott Summers fights a Sentinel. This is not in fact true. There is a Sentinel, Master Mold, who has been imbued with the brain patterns of Stephen Lang, and it's certainly in two of the same states as Scott Summers (Alaska, and confused), but there's no fighting. Instead, this is a story of Scott Summers's descent into madness.

It's a year after Scott Summers abandoned his wife and child (well, in publication time, in-universe it's only been a couple of months), and now he's returned, worried, with her not answering his phone calls, and there having been recent news of relatives of mutants being attacked. It provides a mild contradiction of #1 - we are told that he left because of not just Jean's resurrection but the offer to lead X-Factor, which is just not what happened - but is very slightly less horrible than what did. Is this Scott telling lies to himself to feel better?

The house is still there, at least. The locks have been changed, and it's for sale, and it's empty, just like Sara Grey's was. But there are no records of Madelyne Summers ever having existed. The estate agent says some chap called Summers put the place on the market (not Scott); her employers are Under New Management and have no records of her. Now, if I were Scott, I might try and then contact my grandparents, because they might verify my story that I had a wife and child and am not just insane, especially given what happened with Sara. There's no records of her giving birth at the hospital, either, which is hardly surprising because she gave birth at the mansion, didn't she, in #200/#201 (although that seems to have been forgotten). Finally: he looks into this plane crash that she was supposed to have walked away from. He remembers the date, because it was the same day that "Jean Grey" died on the moon. There was a crash that day, but with no survivors. Oh. Returning to the house, he starts hallucinating Maddie as Phoenix, before letting lose with the optic blasts. He finds one piece of physical evidence: a rattle, behind the radiator.

During all this, the Master Mold is waking up and locating Scott. And, a body has washed up, a woman with red hair. Wonder who that might be?

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  1. Is this Scott telling lies to himself to feel better?

    Whatever it is, it's definitely Weezie telling US lies to make us feel better. :)